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Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Smoke alarms aren’t the most exciting household item but they can make all the difference in the event of a house fire, giving you and your family early warning. Since 1997 smoke alarms that are connected to 240V mains power are also a legal requirement in all new homes, units, flats and townhouses. It is the legal responsibility of all

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What Should You Do When the Power Goes Off?

Power outages are not an everyday occurrence, but they do happen once in a while. They can be annoying, but there’s not usually much you can do except wait it out. Power outages can be caused by severe weather including storms, wind, bushfires, and floods, and by trees falling on to power lines. Car accidents, digging near power lines, and birds or bats hanging

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Three Hot Tips for How to Save Heaps on Energy Over Summer

Staying cool in the heat is a challenge that most of us are familiar with, but blasting the air conditioning all day can lead to high electricity bills and a nasty surprise when that bill arrives. Running the air conditioner at full tilt is not the only way that you can keep the heat at bay in summer. Here are three hot tips

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Five Benefits of Upgrading to LED Lighting

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of switching to LED lighting for your home or office, but are LED lights really that much better, or is it all a load of hype? If you’re considering whether or not to upgrade your old light fittings, you probably want to know that it’s going to be worth your while, and not a

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